Arcturianen over het grid

Gepubliceerd op 25 november 2021 om 10:53

De Arcturianen spreken regelmatig over het Energetisch Grid, waarover je meer kunt lezen op de pagina Energetisch werk. Zo ook via deze channel door Daniel Scranton.

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very big fans of all of you there on Earth because you chose the harder path. You chose to take on more challenges, more baggage from your past life selves and your genetic line, and we know that you did so because you felt at the time you were up to the challenge. We also know that once most of you began living your lives there in this current era on Earth, you discovered that the challenges were excruciating at times, unbearable to say the least. And yet, you kept going, you kept coming to Earth, a place where no one is trapped.

No one is forced to incarnate anywhere because of karma. You incarnate where you want to incarnate, when you want to incarnate in that particular place and time, because you are sovereign beings, because you are Source, and you do get to choose whether to continue a series of lifetimes in a particular location. Those of you who have chosen a series of lifetimes there on planet Earth have done so with a great degree of courage and an enormous belief in yourselves and also in your guides and other helpers.

So the plan never was to do it all on your own, and in many ways you are not by yourselves there on Earth, even if it feels like you are at times. Everyone who is consistently receiving these messages from us is linked in a very real way. You are anchoring in Arcturian energies, and you are grounding them into Mother Earth. They are creating an Arcturian grid, and you are in psychic, telepathic communication with one another through these gridlines that you are creating.

You are our ground crew there on planet Earth, and we need you in order to deliver the help, the guidance, the wisdom that we want to impart on all of humanity. But not everyone, as you know, is ready for what we have to give, and that’s where you all come in as the Arcturian ground crew. You are the gridworkers who make these energies available to others, who would otherwise be closed off to them, who would laugh at you if you were to send them one of these messages because you think it might resonate or help them in some way. And we know that many of you have done this and received those replies from the ones you’ve been seeking to help in your lives.

But know this – you get to everyone with what you are holding in your consciousness, your awareness, your beliefs, and with the open hearts that you have. We consistently tell you that love is the answer, that compassion is the way, and that inner peace leads to getting everything that you want, and you walk around emanating all of those truths, even if you don’t speak them aloud to the person who is ringing up your groceries at the grocery store. They’re all benefitting from what you are grounding in from us, and we are so appreciative of each and every one of you there on Earth, but especially those of you who are helping to further the Arcturian agenda, which is of course to help humanity awaken and ascend.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”